Retire In The Philippines?

The Philippine Islands has recently been moving up on desirable retirement destinations around the world. Many web sites exclaim the virtues of living in the Philippines in breathless tones, filled with exclamation points and lofty adjectives. But is the Philippines really a good choice for retirement? Before you decide to retire in the Philippines, there are quite a few things you need to know. You can spend a lot of time researching, which is probably how you found The Philippine Expat Guide in the first place. The e-book shown in the sidebars can really save you a huge amount of time, money and frustration. Check out the Philippine Expat Survival Guide and be prepared the easy and cost-effective way.

Let’s look at some facts. Anyone can tell you about the beautiful environment, the low cost of living, the great weather and the friendly people. All of things are true, for the most part. The Philippines does have many of the last unspoiled beach and rain forest locations in the world, it is cheap to live here – you’re dollar (or pound or euro) will go a lot further here, the lack of really cold weather is wonderful, and the Filipino people are genuinely open and honest, and very friendly and eager to please. But does anyone tell you about the downsides? About the bad parts of living in the Philippines? Especially for people reaching retirement age, the Philippine Islands do have some drawbacks that you need to consider.

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Moving to the Philippines is a dream that a lot of us have. This dream can become a reality, but without proper planning and some due diligence, the reality can quickly become a nightmare.

Now, “nightmare” may be a bit strong of a word, but without prior knowledge of what to expect and a clear plan, a move to the Philippine Islands can be pretty tough to accomplish.

The Philippines is a great place to live, no doubt. I’ve lived here for a year now, and have visited numerous times since 1983, my first visit with the US Navy. Living as an expat in the Philippines is very different from just visiting as a tourist or on business. It is far more rewarding and exciting as you have plenty of time to really get to know the people, the number one thing that makes the Philippines so great. The people here are warm and friendly, and normally very outgoing once you get past the awkward curiosity phase.

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The All New Survival Guide

Many people from all over the world dream of moving to and living in a foreign country. Some want to retire in an area with a lower cost of living, warm climate all year round, with nice beaches and friendly people. Others just want to get away from their home country for an extended period of time, and others are looking for romance and adventure.

The Philippines is an ideal place to live as an Expat. We have all of the above here. The Filipino people are warm and open, always smiling and willing to help out. The country is stable and the economy is growing at a steady rate. All of the Philippine people speak some English, and you will find that educated, professional people are very fluent. You will never have a problem when dealing with government offices, banks, hotels, travel agencies, and so on. Even in the provinces, in small towns and villages, the people speak enough English to communicate your needs and desires. I’ve lived in several locations, including another very popular Expat location, Panama City, Panama. I find living here in the Philippine Islands much, much easier. In Panama, very few people speak English, and that makes it difficult to assimilate yourself and truly feel comfortable. I’ve been very successful at becoming an active member of my community and I have many Filipino friends.

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